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WaldAktion British Columbia No. 2:

Canadian Green Activist Appeals to German Greens

- "We Have No Voice" -


Biography of Colleen McCrory

Meeting Minister Trittin

Meeting Lower Saxony Greens

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Colleen McCrory, Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party, comes to Germany as a protest action against the lack of representation in BC for Greens, for environmentalists, and for the endangered wildlife and their habitats.
-> Biography of Colleen McCrory: click here.

McCrory came to Hanover and Berlin to meet fellow Greens and to discuss strategies and strengthen global and grass roots environmental networks.

On May 26th, 2004,McCrory attended a session of the State of Lower Saxony Parliament by invitation of MP Stefan Wenzel, Parliamentary Speaker of the Green Party of Lower Saxony. She also met two other Green MPs, Georgia Langhans, Secretary of the Parliament, and Rebecca Harms, who is running as the German Green candidate for the European Union elections on June 13th.
-> More information and photos: click here.

On May 27th, 2004, McCrory attended the 25th anniversary of the German Green Party in Berlin by invitation of Juergen Trittin, a founding member of the German Green Party and Germany´s Environment Minister.
-> More information and photos: click here.

The tour for Colleen McCrory was co-ordinated by Stephan Röhl and Karen Wonders to urge upon the German Greens that British Columbia has an environmental crisis in need of global attention.

Upon request, we will send either an electronic PDF file for WaldAktion British Columbia - "We Have No Voice" or a printed programme by airmail post.

This second WaldAktion British Columbia follows the European tour we co-ordinated for the Canadian forest activist Ingmar Lee, "The Ongoing Destruction of British Columbia's Ancient Forests is an International Issue" in November/December, 2003.

Further actions are being planned and we welcome all suggestions to strengthen our global grass roots environmental network.

Karen Wonders
Institute for the History of Science,
University of Göttingen

Stephan Röhl
Arbeitskreis nördliche Urwälder (AKU)

Colleen McCrory in front of Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin

Colleen McCrory in front of the Gedächtniskirche in Berlin
(Photo: Karen Wonders)


Text:  Stephan Röhl, Karen Wonders   -    Photo: Karen Wonders